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HOWTO: establishing a SSH tunnel and use it as SOCKS proxy

I have one last post regarding my plan to reroute certain web traffic through my server.

This post maybe should have been the first in this little series, because I will show you how to setup a SOCKS proxy to your server.


I’d like to think that you already have a session which connects to your server via ssh. Load this session and go in the menu to the item Connection -> SSH -> Tunnels.

Enter the portnumber of your choice into the field Source Port for example 1234.

Than select Dynamic and Auto and click Add. You will now see D1234 in the list above.

You can now go back the the sessions screen, save your changes and open the connection.


for unix it is quite simple

ssh -ND 1234 user@server.com

This will open a SOCKS proxy on port 1234 to the server. -N Tells prevents the console from executing any remote command. This way it will just open the tunnel and than sits there and waits for you to close it (with CTRL+C) later. With an additional -f it is also possible to completely background the process, but than its not as easy for you to close the tunnel later.

Also have a look at:

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